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      Extrusion Coating Lab

      > R&D CENTER

      SAM’s Extrusion Coating Lab is located in upstate New York and is home to the newest pilot line technology in the industry.

      The line is capable of extrusion coating and laminating, flat and embossed cast film, in-line chemical priming and solution coating and drying on film, foil, non-wovens, paper and paperboard. The machine offers three extruders with layer multiplier technology for up to eleven layers.

      In the ever changing world of high value coextrusion processing, the converter is challenged to improve and innovate.In order meet this challenge, SAM and its supplier partners have assembled the tools necessary on its pilot line.SAM's highly experienced team is available to work with customers and suppliers to validate processing techniques, layer constructions, processing speeds and to test new resins and materials.

      Pilot Extrusion Specification

      Unit Specification
      Adhesive Tapes Web Width 900 mm (35.4 inch) max
      Line Speed 600 mpm (1969 fpm) max
      Primary Unwind 1000 mm (39.4 inch) max OD
      76 & 152 mm (3 & 6 inch) shafts
      Secondary Unwind 600 mm (23.6 inch) max OD
      76 & 152 mm (3 & 6 inch) shafts
      Unit Specification
      Dryer 4.5 m (14.8 feet)
      Extruders 65 mm (2.5 inch)
      50 mm (2 inch)
      32 mm (1.25 inch)
      Rewind 800 mm (31.5 inch) max OD
      76 & 152 mm (3 & 6 inch) shafts

      Contact for more information

      SAM NA address 31 County Route 59 Oswego County Industrial Park, Phoenix, New York 13135 USA
      E-mail info@sam-na.com
      TEL 1-315-934-4287
      FAX 1-315-934-4331

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