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      Solution Coating


      The applications for coating machines are endless.

      Whatever your coating requirement, SAM has the right machine for the job or will design and build one to meet the most demanding specification. SAM also manufactures multi-purpose test coating machines to enable our clients to develop their own products and perform internal research and development. If you are thinking of coating……think of SAM.

      • Pressure / Thermal
        Sensitive Tapes

        • Adhesive Tapes
          (Single / Double Side)
        • Silicone
        • Marking Tapes
        • Holograms
        • Hot Stamping Tapes
        • Lid Tapes
        • Hot Melts
      • Optic Materials

        • Window Film
        • Prism / Diffusion Films
        • Polarizing Film
      • Electronics

        • OPV Coater (Solar Cell)
        • RFID Coater (Antenna Chip)
        • Battery Coater
        • Multi Layers Condenser Line
      • Others

        • Pharmaceutical
        • High Barrier (PVDC)
          Film Coater
        • Water Purification
          Filter Coater
        • Al-Fin Coater (Air Conditioner)
        • Multi-Purposes Pilot Coater

      Extrusion Coating & Laminating

      Whether your machine requirements are for sustainable products with high barrier pouches, aseptic packaging, or PET on board, SAM will provide you the highest quality and cost effective solution.

      As your customer’s product requirements change, SAM’s modular designs provide a new machine configuration, an easy upgrade or a
      custom solution. For extrusion coating machinery, the best solution is SAM’s experience and technology.

      • Product Ranges

        • Flexible Packages :
          Plastic Films / Paper / Al-Foil
        • Paper Board:
          Aseptic Packages / Cup Stock
          / Milk Cartons
        • Woven /
          Non-Woven Materials
      • Extrusion Systems

        • PE, PP, Acid Copolymers
        • Mono / Co-Ex / Multiple
      • Line Configurations

        • Single Extrusion Coating
          & Lamination (2~3 layers)
        • Single Co-Extrusion Coating
          & Lamination (2~5 layers)
        • Tandem Extrusion Coating
          & Lamination (2~7 layers)
        • Triple Extrusion Coating
          & Lamination (2~7 layers)
      • Others

        • Custom Extrusion Coating
          & Lamination


      SAM’s new generation of rotogravure machines operate at speeds over 500meters per minute and
      offer features and benefits to the printer that are unsurpassed in the market.

      Through automated set up procedures, innovative inking systems, register pre-alignment, and the most advanced drive and control systems available, SAM ensures start-up waste is minimal with the highest print quality and lowest cost of production.

      • Product Ranges

        • Flexible Package Printing
        • Al-Foil Printing
        • Board Paper Printing
        • Decorative
          / Wood Grain Printing
      • In-line Lacquer Coating

        • Over Lacquer
        • Cold / Heat Seal Lacquer
        • Anti-fog / Catalytic Lacquer
      • In-line Lamination

        • Solvent Based Adhesive
        • Water Based Lamination
        • Solvent less Adhesive
      • Others

        • Straight / Double Side
          / Split Configuration

      Global Standard

      SAM’s processes and controls are continually monitored by rigorous quality standards and
      procedures, leading to the highest ratings in the following certifications.

      • ISO 9001
        /CE/UL Certified
      • Highly educated and
        experienced engineering staff
      • Global standard
        quality control system

      Various certificates

      ISO 9001

      International Organization for business standards and quality management,
      focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer


      Conformity European for the relevant European health, safety and
      environmental protection legislation.


      Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL develops standards and test procedures
      for products, materials, components, assemblies, tools and equipment, chiefly
      dealing with product safety.

      • Standard in Americas
      • Standard in EUROPE

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