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      >About SAM

      SAM is a world leader in the manufacture of converting
      machinery and
      web fed printing.

      SAM’s reputation within the industry was built with a passion for innovative engineering
      and product development.

      Our global SAM team is ready for your next challenge in any part of the world. SAM’s global presence, gained from supplying machinery to 33 countries, provides us the knowledge and capabilities to ensure your machine will be delivered and commissioned on-time, to your exacting standards. With our locations is in Korea, Asia, United States and Europe, and agents throughout the world, we are ready to supply you machinery that will surpass your expectations!

      Since 1960, the Shin family has continually improved SAM’s manufacturing quality, encouraged innovation, maintained on time delivery and excellent after sales service. Our continued success and growth is based on commitment to three generations of family values and to our customer’s exacting standards for machines and custom engineered equipment. SAM also offers three R & D Labs to support our product lines.

      Be confident of SAM as a partner to meet and exceed your desired results. Our long standing relationships with major industry leaders are testimony to the success of our projects. Our proven history also reassures start-up companies, or those considering expansion. Solutions Start with SAM.

      CEO of Sung An Machinery(SAM) Dong Seong Shin



      SAM has played an integral role in the development of
      the converting machine production and technology

      since its founding in 1960.

      As a world class manufacturer, SAM offers the best product and service in the industry.

      • 2017
        • Acceptance of industry-academically integrated apprenticeship school enterprise (Seoul Technical High School)
      • 2016
        • SAM Solution Coating Lab established
          in SAM headquarters
        • D.S. Shin, CEO of SAM, awarded the Bronze Medal of Industrial Effort from the gov't of Korea
      • 2015
        • AIMCAL 2015 Technology of the Year
          Award Recipient (AIMCAL: The Association
          of International Metallizers, Coaters and
        • SAM Asia established dual offices in
          Malaysia and China.
      • 2014
        • SAM USA Extrusion Coating Lab established
          in SAM NA, New York, USA.
      • 2013
        • SAM Europe Srl established in Italy.
      • 2012
        • Accomplished 30 million USD in exports
          recorded. SAM awarded prize by
          the President of Korea.
      • 2010
        • SAM North America, LLC(SAM NA)
          established in USA.
      • 2008
        • Produced high speed Extrusion Coater and
          Laminator (500 mpm)
      • 2007
        • SAM breaks ground for high tech industrial
          research and development facility.
        • SAM Printed Electronics Lab established in
          SAM headquarters
      • 2006
        • SAM moves to Mado Industrial Complex.
        • SAM appointed as an "INNOBIZ" (Innovation
          Business Entity) by Korean Government.
      • 2004
        • CE certificated by SGS
      • 2002
        • Development of ELS
          (Electric Line Drive System)
          for Gravure Printer
      • 2000
        • ISO 9001 registered by UL.
        • Establishment of New Control Technology
          company (N.C.T)
      • 1998
        • Development of Pilot Coater
      • 1996
        • Development of 5 Roll Coater
        • Development of Closed Chamber Doctor
      • 1991
        • Development of Reverse Roll Coater
        • Development of Air Flotation Dryer
      • 1987
        • Development of Extrusion Coating
          & Laminator
      • 1965
        • Initial production of Rotogravure Printer
      • 1960
        • Sung An Machinery Co., Ltd. (SAM) established.


      SAM's headquarters is located in Hwaseong, Korea, near the capital city of Seoul. At this state of the art facility, custom equipment is designed, manufactured and tested to exceed their customer's exacting specifications.

      To support our global growth, we continue to expand our worldwide sales and service network. We are fully aware of the production demands placed on our machines and the need to maintain an efficient operation. When you install a SAM machine our reputation is on the line. Our experienced technical personnel are call on 24/7 to support and service your SAM machine. Industry leaders choose SAM!

      SAM Europe Srl

      • AddressVia Ruffino Aliora 32, 15033
        Casale Monferrato / Italy
      • E-mailinfo@sam-eu.com

      SAM (Sung An Machinery Co., Ltd.)

      Solution Coating Lab
      Printed Electronics Lab (SPEL)

      • Address33, Madogongdan-ro 6-gil,
        Mado-myeon, Hwaseong-si,
        Gyeonggi-do, Korea 18542
      • E-mailsales@www.theraidersfansclub.com


      SAM USA Extrusion Coating Lab

      • Address31 County Route 59
        Oswego County Industrial Park
        Phoenix, New York 13135 USA
      • E-mailinfo@sam-na.com


      • AddressUnit 1605, No. 888 Yishan Road,
        Xuhui District, Shanghai 200233/ China
        (上海市徐匯區宜山路888號新銀大廈 1605室)
      • E-mailtommy.wang@sam-asia.com



      • AddressLot G5, Dai Dong - Hoan Son Industrial Park, Hoan Son commune, Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province, Vietnam
      • E-mailsales@samasia.net

      Manufacturing Facility

      Manufacturing Facility and Corporate Headquarters

      View of Assembly Line

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